Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Is Your Ex Girlfriend Accusing You Of Rape? What To Know

Brayden Miles

Not all relationships lead to marriage, and if you broke up with a girl and she is now trying to say that you raped her, you want to talk with a sex crime attorney right away. You have to prove that the sexual activities that happened were consensual and that they are trying to press charges against you because they are upset about the way that relationship ended. Here are some types of evidence you want to take with you when you go to meet with a lawyer.

Text and Voice Mail Evidence

Do you have conversations of the two of you talking cordially, and talking about a mutual interest for intercourse? Did the person leave you voice messages on your phone talking about seeing you, and being happy after the two of you had consensual intercourse? This evidence is going to be important, so you'll want to take screens shots and have them printed, and you'll want to get phone records printed to show the girl contacted you after you had consensual intercourse.

Social Media Proof

Was the person who is accusing you of crimes posting on their social media sites about you? Did they say they were out with you or post pictures of being together? If so, try to get copies and evidence of this, to show that they were still pursuing the relationship with you after the two of you were intimate consensually. If they had posts that tagged other people in them, you can potentially use those people as witnesses for the case.

Video Surveillance

Do either one of you have video or surveillance videos in the buildings where you live, or in places where you have been out together? If so, and you can prove that you spent the night with them or vice versa several times, it proves that there was a mutual interest. Is there video of you visiting them at their work or taking them out to dinner? These are things that you want to have.

Having a sex related crime on your record could prevent you from a variety of employment opportunities in the future, and it could prevent you from going specific places. You want to get a lawyer so you can fight the crimes and call your ex-girlfriend's bluff. If she sees that you already got a lawyer to start fighting the case, she may want to drop the charges or settle the matter out of court. 


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