Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Defending Yourself In A Personal Injury Lawsuit: How Private Investigators Can Help

Brayden Miles

When facing a personal injury lawsuit, you will need to be prepared for many things. From court dates and legal filings to meeting with your attorney, it can be a complicated process. One way to help build a strong case is to hire a private investigator. A P.I. can help you to uncover any wrongdoing on the part of the plaintiff. Here is a guide to help you understand what a P.I. can do to help your case.

Why Are They Used?

The private investigator's job is to find any evidence that can be used to show the plaintiff in your case is not being honest. This could mean proof that the person is exaggerating the extent of his or her injuries, or it could mean proof that no injury exists at all. Private investigators have several ways to look for this type of evidence to help you.

What Can They Do?

Private investigators can use legal means to extract information. They can take pictures of the plaintiff performing strenuous activities or working out at a gym, or they can talk to people who know the plaintiff to get information. Some private investigators may even use social media to look for posts about the case. This information can be presented in court to help in your defense.

What Can't They Do?

There are laws that govern what a private investigator can't do. They can't break into someone's home to get evidence, and they can't pose as police officers to question people who know you. Essentially, they can't break any existing laws in an effort to get evidence for your court case. Some investigators will have a contract you can sign that lists all of the measures they can and can't take.

What To Discuss With the Investigator

When you hire a private investigator, be sure to provide as much information as you can to assist the investigation. Any notes you may have or any background on the case will be helpful. Ask what the plan will be to gain information, and ask how regularly you will be updated. Some private investigators will provide regular updates as information arises, while others may prefer to send a report on a set day each week. Understanding how your investigator works will hep you to get a better feel for how the process will go.

You can hire a private investigator on your own, or your attorney may have one to recommend to you. If you are the defendant in a personal injury claim and you feel you are being wrongfully accused, consider hiring a P.I. to help.

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