Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Using Profanity Can Harm Your Children And Your Custody Case, Too

Brayden Miles

Do you know that swearing or cursing at your children can derail your custody battle? This is because cursing at your children may be viewed as a form of child abuse. This is true whether you are using the words in electronic media (such as emails) or verbal communication.

Swearing Explained

In this context, swearing is the use of offensive language. Some swear words are nearly universal while others are peculiar to different regions. Therefore, what might be offensive in one place may seem perfectly pedestrian in another place.

Why It's Frowned Upon

According to Psychology Today, swearing becomes harmful if it is used as a form of verbal harassment. In fact, some people will swear at you instead of being physically aggressive with you when they are angry. In this case, the swear words are also a form of aggression, but they are seen as the lesser of two evils when put side to side with physical assault.

Swearing may also be frowned upon due to the reactions it elicits from other people. How do you feel when other people swear at you? Some people feel hurt, offended, and upset when you swear at them. In extreme cases, swearing can escalate disagreements and even result in fistfights, especially if neither party backs down.

Other people may also find it difficult to take you seriously if you are using swear words in your conversations with them. Imagine pitching a business idea to your potential investors and using a lot of profanities in your speech. The investors may focus more on your use of words than the ideas they should focus on.

By swearing in your conversations with your child, you are unwittingly teaching them that it is acceptable to use profanities. Apart from that, they may also feel angry and hurt by your words. All these effects aren't good for your child's wellbeing, which is why the other parent may use your use of profane language against you during the custody hearing.

How to Stop Swearing

If you are prone to swearing, take the following steps to tone down your language:

  • Stop casual swearing before learning how to stop swearing at any time.
  • Practice being patient since most people swear more when they are impatient.
  • Make a conscious decision to stop swearing.
  • Switch to a positive thought when you feel like swearing.

Child abuse is bad, but you can't discount the fact that the other parent may claim child abuse in cases that doesn't warrant the tag. If you are gearing up for a custody battle, hire a custody lawyer to safeguard your rights during the process. 


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