Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

How Can You Show A Judge You Regret Assaulting Your Girlfriend?

Brayden Miles

More than 10 million people are physically abused by significant others each year. Although these statistics show that domestic violence is common, it's still unacceptable to attack a romantic partner. If you do, you may face numerous repercussions, including damaged relationships and criminal charges. Here are 4 ways you can show a judge that you regret letting uncontrolled anger result in a physical attack against your girlfriend.

Treat Underlying Health Conditions

Sometimes domestic abuse stems from an untreated or poorly managed mental health condition such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. If you have been diagnosed with one of these conditions, make sure you follow your doctor's recommended treatment plan. This may include the following actions:

  • Taking medication as prescribed
  • Attending individual, family, or group therapy sessions
  • Participating in support groups 
  • Abstaining from alcohol and illegal drugs that may impact the performance of your medication

If your current treatment plan isn't helping, talk to your doctor about trying a new approach. Managing mental health is an ongoing process that may require frequent adjustments to treatment approaches.

Avoid Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drugs and alcohol often make people engage in behaviors that they normally avoid. If substance abuse or addiction triggered your domestic violence incident, make sure you take immediate steps to rectify this issue. You can enroll in an in-patient facility or participate in an outpatient program as you learn how to limit or abstain from mind-altering substances.

Some judges order domestic violence offenders to enroll in a specific treatment plan in lieu of jail time. Talk to an assault lawyer to learn if this might be an option for you.  

Enroll in an Anger Management Program

Mistakes happen, but you can move forward and make positive changes in your life by enrolling in an anger management program. A program of this nature helps you learn to manage your emotions, and it also shows the judge you regret your past choices.

The judge may order you to attend an anger management program anyway, but you don't have to wait until that happens. Be proactive and show the courtroom that you want to become a better version of yourself. 

Apologize to Your Victim

You owe your girlfriend an apology if you truly regret assaulting her. You should give her a sincere, heartfelt apology even if you are no longer in a romantic relationship with her. The judge may never find out about a verbal apology, but you can provide your lawyer with a photocopy of any texts, emails, or handwritten notes you give your girlfriend.

Talk to a criminal defense lawyer before you communicate with your victim, though. If there is a no-contact order in place or your girlfriend has asked you not to communicate with her, it may hurt your case if you send an apology. 

Assaulting your girlfriend can result in time behind bars, but an experience criminal law attorney can help prevent that from happening. Consult a legal professional before you attempt any of the actions detailed above so that he can explain how you may help or hurt your case. 


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