Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Are You Unable To Work Because Of A Labor Injury Your Employer Is Responsible For?

Brayden Miles

Did you hurt your back at work because our manager or boss was forcing you to do heavy lifting or cleaning that isn't a part of your job description, or without the proper equipment? If you are now in constant pain and cannot work to provide for yourself, while your company is trying to deny you workers compensation, a legal consultation is the best solution. Sit down with a legal professional to find out if your employer should have to pay, and if you may be able to get more than workers compensation. 

What Equipment Was Available? 

If you were going to be doing heavy lifting or work in wet or damp spaces, you should have been wearing a back brace or shoes resistant to slipping on wet surfaces. There are tools and items designed to prevent injuries while doing labor, and if you weren't told to have any of these things, or they weren't provided for you, this could be the reason for the employer to be at the fault of your accident. 

How Bad Are the Injuries 

The type of injury that you suffer from must be severe, permanent, or debilitating. Injuries that would be worthy of compensation include: 

  • Broken bones
  • Injuries requiring surgery 
  • Neck and spine damage 
  • Brain injuries 
  • Long-term or permanent injuries 
  • Loss of sight or hearing 

Take your medical records with you so your lawyer can go over your injury statements and reports from doctors, and so they can go over the costs of the injury. 

Did the Company Offer to Pay for Anything? 

If the company tried to get you to sign documents, or they wanted you to take a small amount of money, bring that information for your attorney. If they would only allow you to go to the physician that they picked, or that they insist upon, then they may be trying to get you to a physician that will claim you are capable of working, regardless of your true condition. 

You don't want to go day after day not being able to earn a wage and support yourself or your family, all because you were hurt at work trying to do something that you shouldn't have been doing or something that you didn't have the right equipment for. Talk with a workers' compensation attorney to see if you can get workers compensation from your employer and if you can get a lump sum of money as well.


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Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

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