Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

3 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer Even With An Uncontested Divorce

Brayden Miles

There is a big difference between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce. The main difference is the way couples resolve their agreements. In a contested divorce, spouses often bicker and fight for what they want. In an uncontested divorce, spouses tend to agree on everything without any arguments. Because of this difference, couples sometimes think that they can get divorced without a lawyer if they have an uncontested divorce. While you could do this, it's not recommended. Here are three reasons you should still hire a divorce attorney for an uncontested divorce.

The Process Is Complex

Anytime you need to complete legal work, you should hire a lawyer. Legal issues are complex, and getting a divorce is also complex. Getting divorced without a lawyer might end up causing you some problems. You might not know what documents to file, and you might not know how or where to file them. If you don't handle the process correctly, you could encounter delays or issues with your case.

You Can Get What You Deserve

Two, do you know what you are entitled to get from your divorce? You might already have an agreement with your spouse that you both feel satisfied with, but is it legal and fair? People who seek help from lawyers for their divorces tend to experience better results from their cases. They end up getting more through their settlements, and the divorce agreements tend to be fairer for both parties involved.

You Can Avoid Future Issues

Finally, hiring a lawyer for help with an uncontested divorce will help you avoid future issues. Future issues can arise after a divorce when couples forget to include details of specific arrangements. For example, if you have children and forget to discuss the expenses they will have as teenagers, you might be out of luck. For example, who will pay for their car insurance or cellphone bills? If you don't decide this now and include it in your agreement, you may experience problems later when these issues arise.

When you have an attorney assisting you in your uncontested divorce, they will help you cover every issue, including potential future issues. Doing this will help you prevent and avoid issues in the future that relate to your divorce or children.

After reading these three reasons, you might agree that you should hire an attorney for an uncontested divorce. If so, contact a law firm like Ritter & LeClere APC Attorneys At Law to learn more.


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