Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Hit By A Delivery Truck? You Have Rights

Brayden Miles

More and more, people are doing much of their shopping online. As a result, there is no shortage of delivery trucks on the road. Unfortunately, this increase may have, in part, led to an unfortunate collision in which you were a victim. Undoubtedly, this collision has had a major impact on your life, and you deserve answers.

Vicarious Liability and Truck Ownership

One little known fact about delivery trucks is that the company whose name lines the body of the truck is not necessarily the owner. Often, these trucks are privately owned and instead operating under the license of the company. 

However, this leadership technicality does not mean these companies are not liable. A legal term known as vicarious liability states that although the truck is not owned by the company, because the driver is operating under their license, the said company still holds a certain level of liability for any damages caused. For this reason, the company can be held liable for your damages. 

Duty to Maintain Safe Operations

Since these companies have liability over the actions of these drivers, the company is expected to maintain safe operations at every turn. In addition to ensuring that the truck itself is in good working condition, these companies are expected to ensure their drivers are operating safely. 

For example, drivers should be drug tested periodically and not expected to adhere to unsafe working conditions, such as strenuous working hours. If the cause of your accident can be attributed to any unsafe practices on the part of the company in charge of the operations, they can be held legally liable. 

All Damages Are Included

If you were involved in a collision with a delivery truck driver, it is important for you to understand that every element of damage is covered. In addition to your vehicle damage, you have the legal right to seek compensation for your physical injuries, including your current medical needs and future needs. 

An attorney will sit down with you to go over all the damage and hardships that you have experienced as a result of the collision and ensure that you seek all sources of compensation to which you are entitled, such as lost wages and pain and suffering. 

If you were involved in an accident with a delivery truck, it is important that you speak with a local truck accident attorney. An attorney will work hard to ensure your rights are protected throughout the entire process. 


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