Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

How Your Family Law Attorney Can Help When Your Marriage Becomes Abusive

Brayden Miles

No one ever anticipates violence in their marriage; that's why when it happens, it takes you aback, and you become confused about what to do. Thankfully, with a family law attorney by your side, you can seek legal counsel and make an informed decision.

You especially benefit from professional legal counsel if you have kids whom you want to protect against your violent spouse. Your attorney understands that every domestic abuse situation is unique; therefore, they will offer a customized approach that will cater to your specific circumstances. Here are three ways a family law attorney can help if you are a victim of domestic abuse.

1.    Get a Restraining Order

Since domestic abuse can endanger your life and that of your kids, the first thing you should do is get a restraining order. This legal order will ensure the abuser stays away from you and your kids. It also prohibits the abuser from having any contact with you, either directly or indirectly.

Your family law attorney can help you file for a restraining order and make sure it is served on the abuser. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your young ones are safe. From here, you can start thinking of a way forward; after all, you wouldn't want to spend the rest of your life yoked to a violent person.

2.    Obtain Child Custody and Visitation Orders

As a parent, your kids should be one of your top priorities, so when you're breaking off from a violent marriage, you should ensure they, too, are freed from the toxic relationship. That's why you should take your children's welfare into consideration as soon as you get a restraining order.

Your family law attorney can help you obtain child custody and visitation orders to protect your children from the abuser. These orders will determine who has custody of the children and how often the other parent can visit.

3.    Start the Divorce Process

While having a restraining order is an effective way to ensure your violent spouse cannot hurt you anymore, it's only a short-term solution. To ensure you feel perpetually freed from them, you should consider starting the divorce process. This will send a clear message to your violent spouse that they no longer have a hold on you and the kids.

And with the help of your legal counsel, you can access a formidable divorce team that will ensure the process is smooth and done within record time. This way, you can move on and leave the pain you suffered within the marriage in your past.

If you've had the last straw in your abusive marriage, don't think twice about engaging a family law attorney. The professional will offer you the counsel and support you need to break free from your bondage. For more information on family law, contact a professional near you.


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