Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

How A Lawyer Can Help You Stop Spam Calls Once And For All

Brayden Miles

You most likely have received a robocall before. They are those calls that come in where there is no actual person on the line, just a pre-recorded message. They are mostly from companies you haven't done business with before or from political figures during election time. They can be annoying and if you receive them often enough, they can be harassing. 

How do you stop spam calls once and for all? While there isn't a blanket solution for every caller, and you may have to do these steps for every robocall you get, there are ways to make them stop. Here is how a lawyer can help you stop spam calls once and for all.

The Do Not Call Registry

Your first course of action to help stop spam calls is to place your phone number on the national Do Not Call Registry. You may have tried to ask the caller, if it's a person, not to call your number anymore. In many cases, you will still receive calls from the company you don't want to hear from. While there is no law against companies randomly calling people, they can't continue to call if you have registered your number with the Do Not Call Registry.

You will have to confirm in writing with the registry that you want your phone number on it, usually by email. This should stop the calls from coming within a month or so. If they do still occur, you can file a complaint with the registry against the company that continues to call you. You can ask your lawyer to help you craft an effective complaint, or ask them to contact the registry on your behalf.

A Lawyer Can Take It To Court

If you are still receiving robocalls after you have requested that the company does not call you anymore, and after you have put your phone number on the Do Not Call Registry, you can then take that company to court to stop spam calls. This is considered harassment and it is illegal for them to continue contacting you if you do not want to hear from them.

If you are receiving robocalls, your lawyer can also file a lawsuit against the company. This is especially true if you did not give them permission to contact you via prerecorded messages. This must be done in writing and the company needs to show proof that you gave them permission to contact you in this manner. You could be granted compensation for the trouble by the courts. 


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