Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

  • The Difference Between Comparative And Contributory Negligence In A Personal Injury Case

    When you are in an accident that results in injury, you might feel like other drivers who were involved in the case ought to pay for your injuries. The laws that govern what you can receive for an injury change from state to state. The problem is that the victim of the accident can share some of the fault, and each state will have slightly different rules governing how injured parties can go about receiving damages.

  • What Happens When An Undocumented Relative Is Held By Local Police?

    In the event that a family member is being held by the local authorities, you have to act quickly to prevent him or her from being deported. There are several factors that decide what your options are. Before taking action, here is what you need to know.  Why Is Your Family Member Being Held? An immigration hold is used by local police departments to detain undocumented immigrants while Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, checks their status.

  • The Poor Man's Copyright Won't Protect You in Court

    Writers and composers will sometimes send themselves copies of their own work through the mail and then leave the envelopes unopened. The idea is that the envelopes could be opened in court to "prove" that they were the originators of the work, thus securing their intellectual property rights. This is a pervasive myth that could end up costing you the rights to your own work if you fall for it. Here's what you should know.

  • 3 Errors You Should Avoid In A Divorce

    After years of watching divorces play out in the media, many people have unrealistic expectations of divorce. If you are one of those people, you could miss out on a decent ending to your marriage. To help you navigate the family court and divorce process easier, here are some avoidable mistakes people make based on their faulty expectations.  Not Being Open With Your Attorney More than anyone else involved in your divorce, your attorney is the person with whom you should be open about everything.

  • Here Is Why Your Witness May Not Be Deemed As Credible

    Apart from evidence, eyewitness accounts are some of the things lawyers use to prove fault in accident cases. However, for a witness' testimony to be accepted, it must be credible. This means that his or her account of the accident must be believable. The court may not consider your witness' testimony as credible if he or she: Is Inconsistent with His or Her Testimony A credible witness must give the same testimony at all stages of the case.

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Adoption 101: The Legal Fundamentals

If you've decided that you want to adopt a child, the first thing you should do is reach out to a family law attorney. While it may not seem logical to get an attorney involved from the start, it's important that you protect yourself legally from the beginning. After making the decision to adopt, I have been through the process several times. I created this site to help other adoptive parents understand what they can expect from the entire process, including the legal support you're likely to need. I hope this information helps you feel more confident in this major life decision.